Information on Bird Impacts from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

What is the Likely Impact on Birds?

The concern for birds are three-fold.
– Brown PelicanThe first is the immediate threat to individual birds from oil contamination. The first oiled birds are now being collected and sent to rehabilitators in the region. Many birds could be killed but never collected, particularly ‘plunge-diving’ birds such as pelicans, gannets and terns. – The second is from reduced food availability due to contamination of seafood stocks. Many of these are the same stocks that are the foundation of much of the regional coastal economy.

– The third concern is from oil impacts to bird habitat. There are a number of Globally Important Bird Areas directly in the path of the advancing spill that are under immediate threat.The long-term effects on birds will be decreased breeding success as nests fail due to contamination of eggs that come into contact with oil and due to birds being forced from contaminated areas to marginal breeding sites or sites that are already at maximum capacity … read more on ABC website:

American Bird Conservancy Website: Map of Oil Spill in Relation to Globally Important Bird Areas / Photos of Birds Impacted by Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill (This link was modified / is broken)

IBRRC Photostream on Flickr

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Image 1: Brown Pelicans: © Gary Smyle / American Bird Conservancy
Image 2: Heavily oiled Brown Pelicans captured at Grand Isle, Louisiana on Thursda, June 3, 2010 wait to be cleaned of Gulf spill crude at The Fort Jackson Wildlife Care Center in Buras, LA.

Press Release: American Bird Conservancy / International Bird Rescue Research Center, June 2010 /

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