Circular Economy: 50% Marine litter reduction target firmly on the table

BRUSSELS: Today saw the release of the European Parliament’s draft opinion on the Circular Economy. Authored by Italian Socialist MEP Simona Bonafè, it contains proposals that will be vital to tackling the EU’s contribution to the global marine litter crisis.

While existing proposals from the Commission contained points on waste prevention and littering, Ms Bonafè has gone considerably further in proposing a legally binding 50 per cent marine litter reduction target for 2030, to build upon the non-binding ‘aspirational’ target of 30 per cent reduction the Commission had set. The report has also called for specific marine litter reduction measures to be included in member states’ waste prevention programmes, with monitoring, reporting and uniform methodologies to be established, focusing on the land-based generation of litter.

read more … – Environmental Investigation Agency (UK)

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