Commission releases garbled energy union plan

Brussels – The European Commission has released a patchwork of policies as its plan for a European energy union, said Greenpeace.

Kohlekraftwerk © Christian Mang / Greenpeace

Commenting on the Commission’s plan, Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser Tara Connolly said: “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing with this plan. The Commission says the EU should move away from fossil fuels but it also wants to chase after new gas supplies and doesn’t rule out coal. Europe needs a coherent, joined-up plan if it’s going to play its part against climate change and be the world number one in renewables.”

The plan lays out a contradictory set of priorities for energy and climate policy for the coming years. It supports the need to cut carbon emissions and the role of renewable energy, but backs fossil fuels like coal in the context of energy security.

EU energy ministers will discuss the Commission’s plan in Brussels on 5 March and at an informal gathering hosted by the Latvian Presidency on 14-16 April, before formally taking a position at the Luxembourg energy council on 11-12 June. EU environment ministers will also consider the Commission’s plan at a meeting in Brussels on 6 March, while EU leaders will discuss it briefly at a European summit on 19-20 March.

Tara Connolly – Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser: +32 (0)477 790416,

Press release – February 25, 2015 –

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