arrived at QUEPOS
    at 2018-12-01 22:07 Local Time (2018-12-02 04:07 UTC)


    Sea Shepherd ship Brigitte Bardot – Weser 2015 © Holger Eckert (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

    Brigitte Bardot Specifications:
    Length: 35-meters (115-feet)
    Vessel Type: stabilized, monohull trimaran
    Max Speed: 24 knots
    First Expedition: 1998 successful circumnavigation in 74 days, beating the previous record of 84 days held by the USS Triton, a nuclear-powered submarine [Note: In 2008, the 60-day world record was set by the Earthrace, which later become Sea Shepherd’s vessel the Ady Gil]
    Former Job: South African-based charter vessel
    First Sea Shepherd Expedition: Operation No Compromise
    SSCS Name: Brigitte Bardot

    The Fleet – Sea Shepherd:

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